Privacy Policy

This section explains what personal information we collect.

This section describes what personal information we may collect from you when you use our products and services, and what other personal information we may receive from other sources.

In this Privacy Policy, personal information refers to the types of personal information that may be collected and used, including:

  • Contact details such as name, email address, postal address and telephone number
  • Educational, nationality and professional information
  • Demographic information such as gender and birth date
  • Usernames and passwords
  • Payment information, such as a credit or debit card number or bank account details
  • Comments, feedback, ratings, posts and other content submitted, including survey information
  • Interests and communication preferences including marketing permissions where appropriate
  • Images, including photographs and video footage, for example via CCTV or cameras in our mobile apps, or where we require a photograph on an event badge for security purposes
  • Information verifying your identity such as passport details to comply with legal obligations in certain countries and to provide visa invitation letters where requested
  • IP address, website and communication usage information, such as correspondence and details of your use of our website and services obtained through cookies or other tracking technologies
  • Name of hotel when attending one of our events.

This personal information relates to the following categories of people:

  • Prospects, customer contacts, subscribers and users in respect of our services and products
  • Visitors, sponsors, exhibitors and speakers at our events
  • Professionals featured in digital and print products, such as senior executive details made available through intelligence products, research, publications
  • Authors, editors, and reviewers in respect of our publications
  • Contacts of our service providers and business partners

We may collect this information directly from you when you register for an event or engage with our services and/or platforms. We may also collect this information from third party partners and public sources to the extent permitted by applicable data protection law. In some cases, the data we collect from third parties is provided in a de-identified form and we are only able to connect it to you, if, and when you enter your email address on one of our sites.

Sensitive Personal information

If collecting or storing your sensitive personal information, such as information relating to health, disability status or religious beliefs, in order to facilitate your attendance at one of our events, we will typically ask for your explicit consent. However, there are some limited situations where this will not occur, such as if you have a serious accident. If this does occur, we will ensure your privacy rights are protected.

Data collected by third parties at the Conference

In some cases, third parties attending our events may collect information about you, for example by taking a photograph of your business card. We are not the data controller of this data, cannot access the data and are not responsible for third party use. For further information, please see any relevant third party privacy policies or the applicable terms of use for the relevant app.

Aggregated or anonymized personal information

We may create anonymous or aggregated data from personal information we receive about you and other individuals. Anonymous data might include statistical data or analytics information and we may share this with third party customers.

In certain instances, your employer or another organization may provide you with access to our services. In those cases, your employer will only receive aggregate information, and not personal information about your engagement with our services. For example, we may share that a majority of employees registered with us have fulfilled a certain certification course; however, we will not provide employers with information about which of their employees fulfilled a particular course or which employees are open to recruitment opportunities. We do however reserve the right to alert your employer or other organization to your having been banned from our services. These instances will occur only following a breach of our Terms of Service or community standards (i.e., egregious harassment of another member, repeated instances of fraud, etc.).

Editorial Content and Event Presentations

Where you submit content, such as write an article or produce a video, for any of our magazines or other products, or speak at one of our events, we will process some additional personal information about you, including:

  • professional biography or profile, produced or approved by you, that may contain your image, likeness, or voice, which may be published and made available to our subscribers, event audiences, or published online via our websites and social media channels for promotional purposes; and
  • internal editorial, reviewer, commentary, or feedback.

To help improve the diversity of our editorial content and event panels, we may ask you to provide, on an entirely voluntary basis, demographic data such as age, gender, disability, race, ethnic origin, religion and sexual orientation.

This section explains how and why your personal information is used.

If you participate in one of our events as a speaker, sponsor, exhibitor or attendee, your personal information will be used in connection with the running of the event, to handle payments and recover debts. This includes our legitimate business interests in carrying out logistic, administrative and analytics activities, to ensure our events run smoothly and so that we can offer an improved experience for our customers.

We may also use your personal information to maintain databases that allow us to assess your qualities as a speaker or sponsor/exhibitor, promote events and encourage further engagement at our events, and to request references in certain circumstances.

Where we have your consent to do so, we may share your personal information with exhibitors at the event you are going to attend, so that they can contact you in advance and arrange to meet with you during the event.

In addition, photos and videos are taken at our events, which may feature attendees, speakers, sponsors or exhibitors. Where we have taken photos and videos at our events that feature you as an attendee, sponsor or exhibitor, to the extent permitted by applicable data protection laws, those photos and videos may be used for promotional purposes. Third parties may also take photographs at our events, for example to maintain a record of stands or exhibitors they have visited. We are not responsible for the collection or use of images taken by third parties.

This section explains that third party links on our websites are subject to separate privacy practices.

This website contains links to other websites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of these websites and do not accept any liability in connection with their content. We recommend reviewing the privacy policy of each third- party site linked from this website to determine its use of your personal information.

Please note that we update our Privacy Policy from time-to-time.

To keep up with changing legislation, best practice and changes in how we process personal information, we may revise this Privacy Policy at any time. Depending on the nature of the changes, we may update you via email if we have your personal information; or we may update the Policy without notice by posting a revised version on this website. To stay up to date on any changes, check back periodically.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on 29 December 2023.